Hot Tub: How to Uncover & Cover

How to Easily Uncover & Cover the Hot Tub during Your Stay!

We ask that you first and always rinse your bathing suit and shower thoroughly before soaking in the hot tub.  This will help the water to stay clean and easily manageable.  The hot tub does not like hair products, skin products, make-up, lotions, laundry detergent residue.  If you don't shower your water will not be as pristine as it could be!

As you can see, the hot tub can easily be uncovered and covered back up by one person.

 Unlock the four clips.

 Lift the cover and fold over on the other half

  Pull back towards you.

  Slowly ease the entire thing down.

Now you're ready to soak in pure salt water bliss!  No yucky chlorine smell or residue left behind on your skin!

Now the reverse!

Life the entire cover up, getting both halves.

  Push to the halfway point.

  Unfold to cover entire spa.

  Be sure to lock all four latches!!  

If you don't latch it, one of our random windy days or nights are liable to knock the cover off!

Your towels and bathing suits will dry outside in a flash, simply hang on the cable railing and weave between the cables to keep from blowing away!


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