What's Cooking?

We've added a couple of new (well, thrifted..) kitchen toys to the New Bern Round House kitchen.  A few trial runs and I say "yes!"  These two fun appliances are here to stay for all guests to enjoy.

 First, we tried out the juicer that I found at our local Habitat for Humanity.  I had my doubts but this simple baby did wonders juicing a pile of apples!  The pure, fresh apple juice was a treat all by itself.  Just slice, insert, turn on, catch the juice!  We had a bit with our picnic lunch on the deck in the lovely spring sunshine and saved the rest for our newly invented, spiced apple toddy.  (The toddy was okay, could use some perfecting though!  No objections from anyone when it came time to tweak the recipe and mix some more!)

Next, we have a hand me down deep fryer.  A few weeks ago, I was lucky to receive a big batch of *eek* fresh, local lard from family friends!  I'm telling ya, it may sound like bad health in the works but we've been rendering our own kitchen fats for a few years now and have had excellent results.  It makes for the best biscuits, pastries, etc.  I'm partial to doing things the local way, and this beats vegetable oils that have traveled the country!  Anyway, in it we fried some chicken legs and yum!  Juicy and delicious!  If you find yourself staying here during a weekend, do yourself a favor and find Rainbow Meadow Farms at the New Bern Farmer's Market (Saturday from 8-2)  They do a lovely job raising, happy, healthy pastured raised animals.  Did I mention we are huge proponents of supporting local business?

I think you'll find these two new kitchen goodies as welcome additions your food preparation during your stay, have fun, be safe and enjoy entertaining friends and family!

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